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For you mathmaticians... Here's your formula for SEER...
Posted by: GaryK
Date: August 02, 2012 10:05AM
SEER is simply a formula that is described by the outcome of the following equation:

Divide the system's rated BTU's by it's stated SEER rating to determine how many watts it consumes per hour, (KWH stands for kilo-watt hour).
Here's the formula (we'll use for the 3 ton unit we mentioned on the post above, 15 SEER system for this comparison):

36,000 Btu's (3 tons) (12,000 BTU's per ton), divided by 15 SEER = 2400

As already stated there's a lot more to think about including getting a replacement furnace that not only uses gas conservatively but also has an ECM motor so that whether you're running the A/C or heating it's bill for just running the blower may be 8 times cheaper then your present blower on the older furnace. Look for the ECM motor to become a legal requirement soon on all furnaces.

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Changing your A/C and confused by SEER Ratings???

GaryK 6939 August 02, 2012 06:56AM

For you mathmaticians... Here's your formula for SEER...

GaryK 3987 August 02, 2012 10:05AM

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