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Just a look at one of the big reasons you need to change your filter.
Posted by: GaryK
Date: October 02, 2013 07:40PM
I went on this call where the unit was freezing and when the pressures were low yet very cold after being off all night I knew they had an air flow problem. This one turned out to be having the wrong filter size in place for years but not changing your filter will result in the same mess. Most of the time it takes a quite knowledgeable serviceman to get into the ductwork above the furnace to address the problem. You don't want to break anything or start a refrigerant leak just getting in there. Many times (most in fact) you won't be able to see into the coil like this picture shows. Most of the time you'll have to lift this coil up a few inches and sneak a brush up to the top to remove the lint screen. This one looked just like the one you clean on your dryer except much worse.

Here it is.. The white arrow shows the dirt on the coil before I cleaned it. It was on both sides and took a while to get off.

If you have any questions or you think you have a similar problem just call.

(636)939-3333 or (314)838-2222


Gary w/ Autumn Air Company

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Just a look at one of the big reasons you need to change your filter. Jpeg Attachments

GaryK 5479 October 02, 2013 07:40PM

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