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A few other pointers for customers with a common air conditioning problem... "Freezing up".
Posted by: GaryK
Date: July 04, 2010 10:04AM
If you are noticing your air flow is starting to loose its velocity as well as temperature you might want to take a trip outside and check the outside air conditioner. Once out there look at where the foam covered line comes out of the unit. Specifically where the copper from the unit goes into the foam. If that's frozen up, (bright white ice) that means the entire coil above the furnace all the way outside to the air conditioner is an iceberg which will block air as well as many times leak water around your furnace since the water that does melt off is blocked by the ice from getting into the coils drain.

Turn off the air conditioner immediately and leave the fan in the "on" position in my opinion as otherwise the leaking water will fall on your expensive furnace blower as it melts off. This way the motor keeps blowing air and pushes water away from falling on it. As soon as the ice is gone we can work on it. If the coil is frozen when the technician gets there you will subject yourself to more hours of labor while he either waits for the ice to melt, turns the furnace on to speed the melting or just has to return later to finish checking out the unit.

Coil freezing can be caused by lack of air flow which by itself can be caused by several factors such as dirty filters, poor air flow from either a dirty blower wheel, defective blower moter, bad duct work design, customer shut vents or even no air flow caused when the outside units contactor sticks on when the thermostat thinks it has shut it down and turned off the inside blower.

Most commonly though freezing is seen when the refrigerant level goes below approximately 60 PSI (on refrigerant 22) causing the refrigerant to boil off uncontrollably at a very cold temperature. Once you get the charge back over this mark in the sand it won't freeze. You want different pressures then just 60 but we're not going to turn this into a classroom. Refrigerant 410a has it's own similiar pressure needs with the same freezing problems as described above. Just different pressures that have to be maintained.

We can now add a leak stopper when recharging. Ask about the price.

Hope this helps...

Autumn Air Company

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A few other pointers for customers with a common air conditioning problem... "Freezing up".

GaryK 8028 July 04, 2010 10:04AM

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