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We service furnaces and air conditioners. We carry most of the common problem parts for these units. Just keeping your unit in good repair will save you money on your electric bill.

I didn't say heat pumps (Although we obviously fix them...) only because many people just don't realize that a heat pump is an air conditioner. It just has a reversing valve to make the system reverse itself in the winter converting your air conditioner into a heater. And a very efficient heater at that. They don't throw a lot of heat out but when they're running they just don't use much electricity since there is no outside 95 degree temperature to make your bill go up. They run a lot but almost as if they're a tiny circulating fan that keeps the temperature just where it was set and for much less then any gas furnace.

Instead it idles along in the winter almost as if the outside temperature was 70 degrees or whatever temperature you like to keep your home at. This characteristic makes a high efficiency heat pump more then a match for a high efficiency gas furnace and years of Laclede Gas commercials would probably explain a lot to those of you who may have heard heat pumps weren't good. Obviously Laclede Gas was worried and for good reason. I still keep a gas furnace as the back up heater that is always equiped with an ECM furnace moter since it's a DC motor that pulls a very small amount of amps compared to the furnace blower in almost every home out there. The newer furnaces, gas or electric with ECM moters will save you a bunch for both A/C and furnace operation.

Since this is a website and I have all of these links to fill out I couldn't think of anything else to put down here without being too repetitive. I decided on tackling the heat pump issue since I think in the next 10 years that may be all anyone puts in. I hope it didn't sound too much like a sales spew.

I wanted to make this more of a repair site I decided not to put any oversized installation buttons on the front page and instead left them to the fine print links below. Some still need to be finished but we're not there yet. Here's a few products that you need to educate yourself on and I've included as much information as possible in each buttons category. This website is under construction but here's the buttons names and I will fill in information pages later.

Just go to the bottom here and press the "Services" listed links at the bottom right for Gas Furnaces, Electric Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Air Cleaners, Humidifiers & Thermostats. We'll update these as time allows so you can make an educated decision whether something is for you or not.